Alex Luprete Alex Luprete

ENTANGLEMENT is a proof of concept I directed based on the feature-length screenplay I wrote in 2013. It was shot guerrilla-style without permits over a three-day blitz. It tells the story of a tracker who travels to Darwin VI in search of the remains of a scientist whose gone missing. However, after discovering a dead body of himself he realizes that he's become entangled in a quantum loop, and that the hunter has become the hunted. The film stars Nick Gomez whose filmography includes the films LOOPER, THE ICEMAN, WALKING DEAD and the upcoming film, THE AMATEUR. His television credits include WALKING DEAD, DEXTER and THE RED ROAD. It was shot at Mono Lake and around the Eastern Sierras. Some shots required the crew to hike almost two miles uphill lugging all the equipment in order to find the right shot. It was bootstrapped production shot on less than $1,500. 

Starring: Nick Gomez (Walking Dead, Looper, Dexter, The Iceman)
DP: Hilarion Banks (Hallelujah, Rooftops, Slip)
AC: Polaris Banks (Casey Jones The Movie)
Hair/MUA: Renee Ramos (Jurassic World, Deepwater Horizon, Fantastic Four)
Writer/Director/Sound Dept.: Alex Luprete